Educentre conducts Edufair 2023

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August 8, 2023

The 6th edition of EduFair 2023 under the aegis of EduCentre Career Counselling took place at the Hotel Japfü, Kohima on 26th June.

This EduFair witnessed the participation of over 18 colleges and universities from across India. The knowledge Network, ABBS, Krupanidhi, Manav Rachna were the main sponsors of the 6th EduFair.

The Edu Fair provides an opportunity to the parents and students to have direct interface with the institutions, offering different courses and connect them to get information about career opportunities in various courses like Management, Engineering, Hotel Management, Arts, Commerce, IT, Medicine, Pharm, MBBS, etc

Asanu Hibo, Manager of EduCentre carreer counselling expressed that the core idea of organising EduFair is to provide a platform to the students to get access to diverse courses in various colleges and universities. Unemployment is one of the most important issues facing us today and it is often discussed yet rarely understood. In this day and age to keep up with the changing trends, specialised courses plays a crucial part and students need to dive deeper to unlock their potentials. She mentioned about 600 students have registered on the webiste to attend the fair.
Since the inception of EduFair in 2018, it has assisted over 5000+ students by supplying information about various courses, institutions, universities, scholarships, placements and opportunities to study across India and abroad.


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